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School Safety: Amber Lights

As part of the district’s School Safety Plan improvements to Indian Mounds, amber-colored lights were installed in high traffic areas of the school (e.g. cafeteria and lunch room) and on the outside of the building in view of the bus drop-off/pick-up location.
In the unlikely event of an emergency lock-down condition, the lights are activated as a warning signal. If you are approaching the building and see the amber lights flashing please leave the area immediately. Parents will receive timely information via telephone or email message with further instructions and information. Do not enter the building. When the incident is resolved, an “all clear” announcement will be made and normal operations will resume.
At times, the amber lights will be activated for school emergency drills. In these instances, parents will not receive advance notice nor communication normally associated with an emergency notification.
If you have any other questions about the school security system, please contact the school. Thank you for your assistance.   
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